SweetWater’s Dank Tank experimental beer series now available in 22oz bottles!

Emerging from the dark side of our brewers souls SweetWater’s Dank Tank is ready to unleash round 4 from this series of one-hitters off the dedicated Dank 50 barrel Tank. On June 25th DP Barley Wine will also have the honor to fill the first ever 22oz bottles to roll off the line in SweetWater’s 12 years of heady brewery.

The Dank Tank is a series of Rarely Released Randomness and each offering will most likely never be seen again. Nick Nock, head brewer at SweetWater “There are so many styles that we are itching to brew. To have a tank at the brewery that is a toy for the brewers of SweetWater has been a blast.” So when the itch gets so bad and we just need to scratch it, the next in the series will flow.

The DP Barley Wine is the biggest farm animal to come out of the SweetWater barn. We bucked up and threw everything, including the kitchen sink, into this jackass concoction. This donkey will take you for a ride at 10.2% alc. vol. and hee haws over 142.0 IBU’s. Pucker Up!

Next in the line from the Dank Tank will be a huge wheat loaded with 500 pounds of locally grown Blueberries this summer, a Wet Hop Ale brewed with fresh hops this fall, and we are looking to round out the year with a tasty Milk Stout.



jf1smith said...

I still have 2 bottles of DonkeyPunch and can't wait to get my hands on DP Barley Wine. If you're bottling on June 22, when will it be on shelves at Green's etc. ???

Sweetwater said...

Should be on the shelves at the good package stores in town the 23rd or 24th

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