April 13th - 2010
The Craft Brew world descended on Chicago last weekend for the 2010 Craft Beer Conference and it was a blast. This year was also the World Beer Cup which is held every other year in conjunction with the CBC. The central theme of the conference is to allow the brewers in the craft beer community to come together and share stories, educate, and learn from each other. they]re is a pretty good trade show with all the fancy beer gadgets and technology on display (hopefully i found some cool new signs for SweetWater).
Check out the full list of courses that were offered here - i stayed in the marketing sales side of the seminars and hopefully retained a load of info - although those late nights and early samples made me a few brain cells lighter on the flight home.

Biggest Highlight of the weekend was the Gold Medal for the Creeper in the Barrel Aged/ Sour beer category!!! First Gold Medal since our Exodus Porter took home the hardware in 2004. The Creeper was the very 1st edition of the Dank Tank from January 2010 and it had aged for a year in French Oak that had been used as a Cabernet Wine Barrel by Silverado Winery before we got our fiendish little hands on it. Good News/Bad News - Gold Medal was the good news, Bad News is there is no longer any of this beer available. The price we pay for the barrel delights!
Check out the photos i took from the weekend. Another cool highlight was meeting Fritz Maytag owner of Anchor Brewing and a pioneer in the Craft Beer Community



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